Sphere of application

Board, system, unit are caught in a web of ‘clever’ electrical data acquisition stations based on NMCS.

Range of collected data are not restricted on forms, types and nature of controlled processes…temperature – pressure – power – all this in the form of currents from devices and sensors implicitly arrive in data acquisition device and then, in a processed form arrive in the ordinary computer…

Data acquisition device provides data registration, processing, temporary storage and transmission to a central computer received from analogue and digital modules.

The main specification of NMCS basic configuration:

Analogue input:
  • digit capacity 12 / 16 / 24 bit;
  • voltage 0 ± 60 V;
  • Folding frequency up to 100 kHz per channel,
Analogue output:
  • digit capacity 16 bit;
  • voltage 0 ± 10 V
  • Folding frequency up to 100 kHz per channel;
  • current 0 - 20 мА,
digital input:
  • current up to 250 V (direct and alternating);
  • Folding frequency up to 333 kHz per channel,
digital output:
  • voltage up to 24 V;
  • current up to 1 А per channel;
  • folding frequency up to 125 kHz per channel,
Counter and generators:
  • voltage up to 24 V;
  • folding voltage up to 1 MHz per channel.
  • voltage 6 - 10 V;
  • frequency 11 – 100 kbps /s.
  • frequency 1 Mbit
  • operating modes BC, RT, BM.

Specialized software is used in NMCS:

  • in-house design of BETA AIR JSC;
  • based on National Instruments LabView.

Data collected while testing are presented in the form convenient for analysis.

Wide experience in complex operation allowed manufacturing of powerful software modules, which accurately analyze operating modes of controlled equipment.

FMMS is a basic platform for NMCS-2 complexes manufacture.