ATE-200 metrological certification

ATE-200 standardization and (or) certification level is determined by a Customer.

Available documents on ATE-200, which were obtained in the course of project realization for particular customers, are given below.

ATE-200 classification

  • On the basis of ATE-200 complex test No. 010102003, design documentation on production model, RF Gosstandart Commission entered ATE-200 in the RF serial production register.
  • Catalog list No. 000387 is obtained in group KGS/ОKS P46
  • Group of Gosstandart RF experts has investigated ATE-200 production model with set of Interface Adapters (IA) in accordance with ТZ No. 08-005 and on the basis of OST 100340-84, OST00242-83 and GOST 8.568-97 provisions.
  • ATE-200 production model Certification was obtained on the basis of survey results.

RF GSGA test of ATE-200 production model

Independent commission of VS GOSNII GA (GSGA) RF, in association with GOSNII Aerial navigation investigated ATE-200 production model with set of Interface Adapters (IA) in compliance with GSGA test program.

  • ATE-200 production model is added to GSGA measurement equipment.
  • The following registration certificates were obtained: No. 114-03-2003 (for BЕ-200) and No. 39/46-05/141-05-2005 for State Aviation aircraft: Аn-72, 74, 148; Il-62, 76, 86, 96, 112, 114; Tu-134, 154, 204, 214, 334; Yk-40, 42

ATE-200 certification in GOST R system

  • At a general Customer request ATE-200 production model was tested by the authority commission of certification ROSS.001.10AE81 CERTIFICATION AND TEST SOUTH CENTRE – SOUTH-TEST for compliance with GOST R MEK 60204-1-99 requirements.
  • Certificate ROSS RU.AE81.N00418 with registration number 0523856 was obtained on the basis of periodic test results.